How To Change Face Shape With Makeup

How To Change Face Shape With Makeup: Often it happens when you go to in front of mirror many thoughts struck into your mind, for example; “your face looked too fat, long or angular” which made your personality confused. If you ever had such kind of thoughts, there is no need to worry. You even don’t need to go for a cosmetic surgery because we have a solution to your this problem without surgery and pain. You just have to shape your face with our given makeup tricks which are so easy to apply. You just need to contour your face.

  1. Shape Tips for Round Shaped Face:

Round shaped face has equal width and the length, therefore, such faces features are rounded. Round shaped face needs to elongate shape; therefore you should contour your face from the both sides of the forehead, downward the temples and under the curve sides of the face to the jaw line. And do highlight the center point of the forehead, under eyes area and the midpoint of the chin. This will help you to look slim and elongate.

  1. Shape Tips for Square Shaped Face:

Square shaped face has the same width as jaw lines have. Square shaped faces should use contouring to have a shapelier shape. Ares which you need to do contour are; both sides of forehead and temples. This will give a look slim the width of the head and then contour cheekbones and jaw lines. Then highlighting the center point of the forehead and under eyes and chin will give you the more shape.

  1. Shape Tips For Heart Shaped Face:

For heart shaped faces cheeks will be wider than jawline and chin is pretty thin. It will give the balanced shape to this type of face. For getting this shape you should contour both sides of the face from the temples to the middle of the cheeks. How to Change Face Shape with Makeup