Desserts Recipies

How to Make Chocolate Swiss Cake Roll?

Chocolate Swiss Cake Roll

Chocolate Swiss Cake Roll is that thing which everyone wants to like to eat it.  So Women Bytes is here again to share its yummy recipe. Ingredients which you will need are: Flour                                  1/2 Cup (63g) Cocoa Powder                ...

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How to Make Rich Strawberry Yogurt?

Rich Strawberry Yougurt

Breakfast is a healthy tool for boosting life. A breakfast is not completed without Yogurt. It is highly nutritious having calcium, potassium, magnesium, protean and vitamin B-12/B-2. So here today we are going to share a recipe of “RICH STRAWBERRY YOGURT”. Ingredients which you need are: 1 KG Yogurt, 1 full cup of Strawberries, 2 tbsp of Gelatin Powder, 2 packets of ...

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