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Microsoft Office Basics Shortcut Keys


Microsoft Office Basics Shortcut Keys are essential to know for all, especially for the beginners. Here we bring some basics Keys for Microsoft Office. Which will very helpful in Information Technology Scenario.                                                  Microsoft Office Basics Shortcut Keys   No Shortcut Keys Functions 1 Press “ Enter” For using Windows and Display 2 Press “ALT+TAB” For using next window 3 ...

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Good Dining Table Etiquettes


“Good Dining Table Etiquettes” is another helpful article for all to learn the table etiquettes and manners. First of all, you should know the eating manners and position of the utensils. Here is an easy tip for remembering the position of utensils. You have to remember two words on the table which are “LEFT” and “RIGHT”. As everyone has knowledge ...

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Free Textbooks Websites Names


“Free Textbooks Websites Names” is our current article. In this article we will give  you the name of some websites which are totally free. Now you will not need to buy paid books. Internet has bocome a great source of ease for everyone. Now you can easily get all stuff online without any pay. Here are names of some websites which are free ...

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Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance in Women


“Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance is Women” is our today’s health article. First of all it is essential to know what HORMONES are and how they do work in body, especially in women’s body. Hormones belong to endocrine system. Those are created by glands. Here are some major endocrine glands in the body are; First Gland: Pituitary gland Second Gland: Pineal ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness and Self Examine


Breast Cancer  awareness month 2016 is started on 1st October and will end on 31st October 2016. Breast cancer is a dangerous disease. And it is caused by certain cells in the breast which turn into abnormality and become a tumor. Initially patient does not feel pain or any other symptoms which is noticeable. Gradually it is starting appear in ...

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Classic Smokey Eye Makeup With Red Lips


“Classic Smokey Eye Makeup With Red Lips” is our today’s tutorial. Previously Women Bytes has brought to you the tutorial of “How to Get Long Lasting Red Lips”? Makeup is an art. So for approaching this art we should have its sense and knowledge. Usually women are very found to apply red color on their lips to look hot and ...

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Tutorial How to Get Long Lasting Red Lips?

How_To_Get_Long_Lastin_ Red_Lips

Tutorial to get long lasting red lips is very helpful for girls. As every girl has not sense to apply perfect makeover. So they are able to make over their beauty with these tutorials. Here “Women Bytes” is going to give you tutorial to get long lasting red lips. It is very difficult to manage red color on face especially ...

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Taboo Free Talk About Periods


Taboo Free Talk About Periods is very sensitive topic. Mostly periods are considered as “TABOO TALK”. People are uncomfortable to talk about menstruation. The result of this TABOO is in the case of unawareness which imposes psychological damage on young girls. Here is a video in which Aditi Gupta gave awareness to growing up with this taboo .

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How to Make Mug Lava Cake in Microwave?


Make Mug Lava Cake in Microwave is very easy.Today it is becoming heart favorite for all cake lovers. Here is the recipe of “Mug Lava Cake in Microwave”. Hope you will enjoy it. Ingredients: Butter 3 table spoons (40 grams) Sugar 3 table spoons Flour 4 Table Spoon Unsweetened Cocoa 2 tablespoons Salt 1 pinch Full Cream Milk 3 table ...

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Development Stages of Baby’s First Year

Development Stages of Baby’s First Year is very important. Development stages of baby’s first year are very important. In this initial phase, babies get an incredible change in their development. They develop at an astonishing speed every month. Which brings new excitement in babies and mothers as well. Here are some pictures of all development stages of a baby. Development ...

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